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The Podcasting Playbook is a dashboard for every part of your podcast workflow: from finding guests, to interviewing & recording, to growing your audience and monetizing. With over 120 resources and templates to simplify your pod life. All built on Notion.

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Podcasting Playbook
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This is so helpful. I am organizing things to create my first podcast and this is blowing my mind. Can’t thank you enough!
– Amira, Indie Podcaster

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I've been given a podcast pilot to produce at my job, a place that doesn't have a ton of experience in this field. I've produced podcasts in the past but never with a full team and your template made me feel empowered enough to move forward.
– Cindy, Brand Podcaster

What Is the Podcasting Playbook?


Planning Activities
To Create A Unique & Successful Podcast


Guest Management & Templates
To Automate Guest Recruitment & Communication


Production Management
To streamline your production workflow


Monetization Templates
To Track & Diversify Your Revenue Streams


Promotion Management
To Plan, Track, & Grow Your Audience


Launch Strategy
Checklists For A Successful Launch

Who Is This For?

New Podcasters

If you're just getting started and looking for a step-by-step way to manage your production and get ready for your launch.

Active Podcasters

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to manage your podcast and want a way to automate your production & growth workflows.

Growing Podcasters

If you're trying to grow & monetize your podcast in a systematic way by tracking your progress & doubling down on winners.

What's Included?

Playbook Preview

Everything You Need To Launch Successfully

▶︎ Proven Step-by-step Launch Plan
▶︎ Templates for Honing Your Show Vision & Format
▶︎ Templates for Understanding & Cultivating Your Audience
▶︎ Equipment & Software Recommendations
▶︎ Tips for Effective Intros & Outros
+ More

Streamline Your Production Process & Save Time

▶︎ Comprehensive Production Planning
▶︎ Guest Recruitment Templates
▶︎ Guest Communication Templates
▶︎ Interview Tips
▶︎ Sample Structures For Calls To Action
+ More

Playbook Preview
Playbook Preview

Take The Guesswork Out Of Growing & Monetizing

▶︎ Monetization Platforms & Strategies
▶︎ PR Kit & Sponsorship Templates
▶︎ Sponsorship Tracking
▶︎ Social Media Calendar & Planning Template
▶︎ Community Building & Audience Growth Strategies
+ More

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I think this resource is fantastic, it’s so thorough and comprehensive! I haven’t seen anything else that brings together all the disparate parts of producing a podcast in one place, in this much detail. And having it customisable right there (rather than reading guidance and then going off to make your own labyrinth of google docs!) is invaluable.

– Clare, Podcast Producer & Writer of The Audio Storyteller


One Price For Lifetime Access

The Playbook


Show Planning & Goal Setting

Proven Guest Recruiting & Communication Templates

Streamlined Workflows for Podcast Production

Growth Strategy, Tracking & Resources

Lifetime Updates

Playbook & Consult


Show Planning & Goal Setting

Proven Guest Recruiting & Communication Templates

Streamlined Workflows for Podcast Production

Growth Strategy, Tracking & Resources

Lifetime Updates

30 minute Consult With Hands On Advice

Who's Behind This?

Alina S.

Hi 👋! I'm Alina. I'm the creator of the Podcasting Playbook. Before I started podcasting 3 years ago, I was a workflow designer and marketing director for various tech companies. In 2019, I started a podcast with a team of professional producers and got my first taste of the thrill of podcasting as well as the seemingly endless time commitment.

I thought there must be a more efficient way to work, so I spent 100s of hours interviewing and mapping the workflows of podcasters from media companies like Vice & Gimlet, large companies like

Hubspot & Microsoft, as well as successful indie creators. Based on this research, I released an early version of this playbook in January 2020 and even built a startup around this space (but that's a story for another time).

During COVID, I started working on a podcast (Lane Change) just for me, advising new podcasters, and focusing more on growth. This playbook is a celebration of the awesome community of podcasters I've met during the last 3 years.


How Does This Work?

After your purchase, you will receive a link to duplicate the Notion dashboard into your own Notion Account.

What Is Notion?

Notion is a flexible tool that combines the functionality of a wiki, a project management tool like trello, and a storage solution like Google Drive.

It's simple to pick up and our dashboard has an entire page dedicated to walking you through Notion and answering any questions that might arise!

Do I Need To Pay For Notion?

Notion has a free Personal Plan that will allow you to use this playbook.

Is this worth the price?

This playbook is based on 2 years of research with podcast producers at public radio stations, media companies, as well as indie podcasters. It was originally released in January of 2019, and has continued to grow a following since then.

There are dozens of free templates on the internet, but this is meant to be a curated, actionable set of resources that work. It's not a book, it's the tool that you'll use to manage your podcast day in and day out!

Can I Get A Refund?

Our goal is to create real value and help you manage your podcast. If you're not satisfied for any reason, please email within the first 30 days, and we'd be happy to provide a refund!

Have additional questions?

Feel free to email and we'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have!

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